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We’re designers, coders, and gamers, and we’re just like you. We at Top Rated Monitors have grown tired of using bad monitors in our workplaces, and aim to provide you with only the highest quality recommendations. Through our daily professions, we’ve gotten the chance to use an endless amount of monitors and all of our recommendations are products we’ve actually used. We know you’ll be in good hands with our recommendations. Our staff below is 100% confident in helping you find the top rated monitor for your needs.


Jay D.


8 Years Experience

Color consistency is the biggest problem with monitors. Colors look vastly different from monitor to monitor, and some don’t even show the proper colors without calibration. Having poor colors on a monitor has costed me money and time. After turning in a finished product to a client and have them disagree with the color choice causes me to go back and redo it. Being able to eliminate poor color monitors has done wonders for my turn around time.


Hyun L.

Ex-Pro Gamer

3 Years Experience

When I was a pro-gamer, every single frame mattered. One millisecond too slow and I could have thrown away thousands of dollars in prize money. One millisecond could have cost me a victory. For me to improve, I had to have the best hardware. I wanted to remove any excuse other than my own play and not blame any PC parts. The result was profound, I stopped blaming my computer and started looking at my own game to see what I could have done better.


Michael W.


12 Years Experience

Being in charge of my own business, numbers really began to matter. Everything comes in at a cost to me. I never wanted to give my workers bad machines to use, but I also never wanted to overspend or go over our budgets. We’ve gotten the chance to use various monitors in our industry, and I’m completely confident in our selection for any business users.

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